“I just wanted to say the biggest thank you for everything you’ve done for the girls this year. They have thoroughly enjoyed the experience and have benefitted so much from attending the micro-school. It’s been so wonderful to see both girls really grow in confidence in learning.

They both had missed so much schooling previously that they lacked confidence in learning and would often come home saying things about being dumb or not knowing anything. Such words have not been used since they started at Coram Deo.”

A parent at Coram Deo, Canning Vale

“What attracted me […] was the classical Christian approach and the small class sizes.

I love that all the teachers involved are strong Christian people with lots of connections and history in the Christian community in Perth, and such a heart for seeing God glorified through educating the next generation.

The passion and commitment for excellence is so evident. The team have invested in my children and I feel privileged to be a part of this start up and excited to see where it takes us all!” 

A parent and volunteer at Coram Deo, Canning Vale

“We cannot speak highly enough of our experiences at Coram Deo since starting this year. We had just moved to Perth from a small country town and were looking for a school with a strong focus on discipleship and small class sizes for our son.

From the first contact, the principal was incredibly warm and welcoming, happy to take the time to answer our questions. Our son has blossomed in his short time there. We are blown away by the work he is coming home with and the development we see in him.

The love and care that is shown by his teacher has helped our son to settle in much faster than expected, and she does a great job of helping him connect with the others. We had never thought we would find a school like this and we are so grateful to all who have worked to make this vision a reality.” 

Parents at Coram Deo, Canning Vale

Ready to get started?

The 2025 enrolment is open for K-12 in several locations around Perth.

“Not that we take over society… but simply that we bring Christian truth into every area of life — salt, light — and teach people to think Christianly. Which is why I so applaud [classical Christian education] because you’re doing that… I know exactly what you are teaching these kids. It is absolutely wonderful because you are teaching them how to think and you are giving them character because they are Christians, the two things that are so essential.  The development of character and the ability to reason and think.” –Charles ‘Chuck’ Colson

Charles “Chuck” W. Colson (1931-2012) served as an official in the Nixon Administration and later was a well known Christian speaker and founder of a non-profit organization called The Prison Fellowship.


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