This booklet is an ideal introduction to classical education. It traces the history of classical education and describes its modern renaissance. The book also highlights the distinctive elements of the movement, including its emphasis on teaching grammar, logic, and rhetoric (the Trivium), and the extraordinary achievements of students who are receiving a classical education. It explains the benefit of classical language study and integrated learning through a study of the great books of Western civilization. This engaging overview is recommended to parents just beginning their examination of classical education.

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Christopher A. Perrin Mdiv, PhD

Christopher is the publisher at Classical Academic Press. He is a recognized leader, author, and speaker for the classical education movement. Christopher serves as a consultant to classical Christian schools and homeschool co-ops in the U.S and overseas. He is the director at the Alcuin Fellowship with the Institute for Classical Schools and is the vice chair of the Society for Classical Learning. His countless articles and lectures are also widely used throughout America and the English-speaking world.

Christopher received his PhD in Apologetics and MDiv from Westminster Theological Seminary and has a BA in history from the University of South Carolina. He was also a special student in literature at St. John College in Annapolis. Christopher has taught at Messiah College and Chesapeake Theological Seminary and served as headmaster of a classical school. He is also the author of: The Greek Alphabet Code Cracker, Greek for Children, and co-author of the award-winning Latin for Children series available from Classical Academic Press.

Christopher inspires thousands with his passion for classical Christian education and his love for truth, goodness, and beauty wherever it may be found.